The president made the right decision to launch a deadly airstrike against a controversial Iranian general, a congressman has said.

Rep. Michael Waltz (R-Fla.) fully supports Donald Trump’s move to order a military attack that killed Gen. Qasem Soleimani on Jan. 3.

“President Donald Trump has made the right call. We need to keep up the pressure and economic sanctions on Iran,” Waltz said on Twitter. “Iran will have a choice: either give up its nuclear program and terrorist support or face complete economic collapse.”

Waltz, who is the first Green Beret to serve in Congress, warned the Iranian mullah regime would face serious repercussions if any U.S. citizens died from retaliatory attacks.

“If Iran kills any Americans in any of these attacks, they will feel the consequences of their actions,” he said on Twitter.

Waltz also believes Trump’s previous threat to not rule out striking sites of Iranian culture could actually have been interpreted in many different ways. The Pentagon has since ruled out this option.

“That could mean [striking] Tehran, their capital that could mean a number of things,” he told Fox News. “The Pentagon knows very well where to draw that line and where to advise the president.”

Waltz dismissed Democrat fears that any confrontation with Iran could start a third world war, especially since the country that least wants war is the Iranian regime.

“I tell the Democrats to look back at history, look back at the Reagan administration where we actually have the USS Enterprise [Navy aircraft carrier] launch aircraft and sink Iranian frigates and ships after they launched missiles,” he said. “This notion that we are going to World War Three, the president is loading up Marines for a D-Day stockpile landing is just ridiculous … this is about deterring and de-escalating and taking that strong action that will make them think twice.”

Waltz also ruled out waiting for more U.S. citizens to die before responding with military action, especially since several of his constituents expressed frustration with the Iranian regime.

“In my district people are just shaking their heads. They expect the president to take decisive action to defend our diplomats and embassies and defend our soldiers and they are asking me, ‘What do we wait until there are more body bags before we take action?'” he said. “Absolutely not … this is a bold action and absolutely what the president should be doing and I fully support him.”

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