After the protest at Sitong Bridge in Beijing demanding freedom from the Chinese dictatorship, overseas Chinese students were no longer silent. Some people put up the banners with both Chinese and English on the bulletin boards of their universities.

After the CCP’s bloody crackdown on university students’ democracy movement in June 1989, there were virtually no events that had an impact of those protests in China’s higher education institutions.

Now, when the CCP’s rule is reviewed every five years, a Chinese man named Peng Lifa hung two banners on Beijing’s Sitong Bridge demanding freedom on October 13. One of the banners stated, “No PCR tests, we want food. No restrictions, we want freedom. No lies, we want dignity. No Cultural Revolution, we want reform. No leaders, we want votes. No being slaves, we want to be citizens.” the other banner called to have Xi Jinping removed.

The banners on Sitong Bridge were a highly influential protest against the regime after the “June 4th” democracy movement in 1989. And the protester Peng Lifa has been called a warrior.

After this event, the regime suppressed and restricted the dissemination of information, and words and phrases such as “Sitong Bridge,” “Haidian,” “warrior,” and even “Beijing” and “banner”and “slogan.” Chinese universities have also been silenced but overseas Chinese students are not. They want to “show the whole world their attitude.”

Photos circulating on the internet, show banners and slogans responding to the Sitong Bridge event and condemning the CCP’s dictatorship at London College, Central Saint Martins University in London; the University of Michigan; California Institute of Technology; Stanford University; the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the U.S.; or on the campuses of dozens of international universities such as the Toronto University in Canada, and Busan University of Foreign Studies in South Korea.

The Epoch Times reported, on this issue, one Twitter user wrote, “University students participating are a hope to change China. Because young people have knowledge and take action.”

Current political commentator Jiang Feng said on his YouTube channel on October 13 that the fire only rises when people gather firewood to burn. In China there is no shortage of “organized and planned” protests, but there is a shortage of responders.

He said that the CCP has been difficult to maintain due to internal and external problems, “Xi Jinping himself has only two choices, either to follow the path of Gorbachev (the leader of the Soviet Union who accelerated the dissolution of the Soviet Union) or follow Nicolae Ceausescu (General Secretary of the Romanian Labor Party, Ceausescu’s government was overthrown by a military coup in December 1989).”

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