The COVID-19 pandemic in Ningbo city, Zhejiang province is flaring up again. The local government has dispatched a large number of buses to take people to quarantine around the clock. Some residents in locked down communities storm out.

On October 17, Zaiye shuo channel said, The pandemic broke out again in Ningbo, and there is a big push to eliminate COVID. Convoys of buses brought people to quarantine areas in the middle of the night. All the shops are closed, and residents are unable to buy food. They worry that they will soon starve to death. The sight of lines stretching miles for nucleic acid tests was chaotic. Ningbo has been locked down.

The scene in the video, is truly horrifying. A worried woman says in the video: “Lots of buses come to take people to quarantine, look at the pandemic situation!” Everyone’s been quarantined, it’s scary! Too serious!”

In the downtown, announcements say that all shopping malls, supermarkets, shops and vegetable markets would be closed. One resident said, “All are closed, I can’t buy anything!” One man said, “I’m starving to death, the shops are all closed!”

In the video of people lining up for miles for the COVID tests, one man blurted out, “A whole sea of ​​people, red code, yellow code, blue/green code are all crowded together!” Many places in Ningbo locked down residential areas, and roads were closed. The doors of the houses were sealed.

In another video posted by Twitter account @wanjunxie on October 17, in a residential area in Beilun, Ningbo, a large number of residents protested the lockdown, and stormed out of the residential area together. In the video, outside the community large iron gate, some pandemic workers use tables to block their exit but inside the iron door there are too many people, they have taken advantage of the situation and rushed out. Another video shows a noisy and chaotic scene, with many people gathered.

According to data reported on the official website of the Health Commission of Zhejiang, Ningbo had 1 more local positive case  on October 12, 1 new case the following day, 8 new cases on October 14, 3 new cases the next day, and 19 new cases on October 16. For 5 consecutive days, Ningbo has added 38 new positive cases. However, the official public data is for reference only, and the authenticity of the data published by the Chinese regime is always questioned.

Ningbo officials said that everyone returning to Ningbo should report in advance. The local Municipal Health Commission said that people living in high-risk areas will be quarantined for seven days, and people living in medium-risk areas will have to “quarantine at home” for 7 days. Those who live in a low-risk area should have “health monitoring for 3 days.” People arriving from other provinces should complete an on-site health check within 3 hours of arriving in Ningbo.

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