Recently, the Hong Kong Ministry of Education released a music video titled, “Voice of Chinese Youth,” showing Hong Kong students performing calligraphy, martial arts, and music. However, the strange image of students wearing their mask while playing the flute in the music video has surprised many netizens.

According to the BBC, the Hong Kong Department of Education recruited more than 400 students from 41 schools to participate in the video, mainly to celebrate the CCP’s National Day on October 1.

In the video, there are slogans such as “Intellectual youth, intellectual country; wealthy youth, wealthy country; powerful youth, powerful country; and free youth, free country.” All Hong Kong students wear masks while playing musical instruments. In the video a group of female students played flutes with the mask worn over their mouths and another group wore masks with mouth holes to blow and wore protective face shields.

According to the BBC report, it turns out that Hong Kong has recently implemented more stringent pandemic restrictions, such as social distancing, wearing masks on public transportation and in certain public spaces. Therefore, every student performing in “Voice of Chinese Youth” wears a mask, even while playing musical instruments or dancing.

According to Sound of Hope, some people think that quite frankly such pandemic measures will make for many jokes. Twitter account Bruce wrote that Hong Kong has been scared of the virus to distraction.

The Liberty Times reported that the Hong Kong Department of Education issued a notice in response to netizens’ comments. It said that wearing masks is only being responsible, and condemned people for arbitrarily mocking and defaming the students. T mocking is cyberbullying and they will be prosecuted. Additionally, they said that the music video “Voice of Chinese Youth” was filmed at the end of August, when the pandemic was still spreading. To protect students’ health, all of them must wear masks when filming. These are all specialized masks for playing the flute and other countries also use this type of mask.

However, according to Aboluowang, this incident still caused netizens to mock the Chinese communist regime and the Hong Kong government for its excessive pandemic measures. The newspaper republished some comments like “magic performance in the pandemic period,” and “the age of deceiving people.”

Another netizen commented, “This is more than art. It’s the art of obedience testing.”

Nickname “The dumb” joked, “The virus showed a question mark on everyone face, the performers were bewildered and the audience also gaped. Only the Chinese government laughed proudly.”

The Chinese women’s volleyball team wears mask during competition

On August 25, the Chinese women’s volleyball team wearing masks in match at the 2022 Asian Cup against Iran attracted the attention of internationals.

According to NTD, many Chinese netizens also expressed anger at this, accusing the Chinese Communist Party of taking extreme pandemic measures that caused athletes to “lose face abroad.” 

At that time, the female volleyball team wearing masks lost the match in the first round against the Iranian team. In the second game, they all took off their masks and eventually won.

The China Volleyball Association then issued an open letter apologizing for the female volleyball players wearing masks.

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