The measures to realize the “zero-COVID” policy of the Chinese regime are increasingly causing new surprises. Recently, a fully closed “quarantine vehicle” carrying “suspected infectious people” from Haikou International Airport, Hainan province to a bus going to a quarantine area attracted the public’s attention.

On October 6, a video was posted on the internet showing the quarantine vehicle suddenly appearing at Haikou Meilan International Airport. The vehicle enters the pickup area and transports passengers to the waiting bus waiting.

The netizen who shared the video revealed that one passenger was dining at an airport restaurant when he was suddenly put in this vehicle, maybe he was discovered to have something “abnormal”.

In August, some netizens shared videos of Haikou’s “quarantine vehicle” carrying people to quarantine, proving that this vehicle has been in service for quite some time. 

The video, after being posted, caused ridicule from netizens. The NTDTV newspaper quoted some Chinese netizens.

One said, “Prison car with socialist characteristics.”

Another said, “Street parade of the new age.”

The Chinese regime’s “zero-COVID” policy is to focus the nation’s resources on “destroying the virus.”

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