According to VOA, after a 22-year-old girl named Mahsa Amini, “wearing hijab improperly” was killed by police, large-scale protests spread across Iran, and turned into political protests against the government. A video of locals tearing up portraits of “Supreme Leaders” Ruhollah Khomeini and Ali Khamenei has gone viral on social media, causing a stir among Chinese netizens.

According to a widely circulated video, two men climbed the outer wall of the Government Building in Sari, capital of Mazandaran province, and tore up portraits of Khomeini and Khamenei. The crowd cheered, clapped enthusiastically, and chanted slogans such as “Death to the dictator”…

According to The Epoch Times, Khomeini is the former supreme leader of Iran, while Khamenei is the current leader. They are the true rulers of the country, and the supreme leaders of this state-religion fusion nation.

They are also the only two people who have been called “supreme leader” since Iran’s revolution in 1978. Because human rights groups and international organizations regard them as symbols of “crime,” they usually don’t go abroad.

VOA reported that Iran requires all girls over the age of 7 to wear a hijab in public and wear loose clothing. The police also conduct checks on women on the street. Violators will be caught, and face “re-education,” fines, corporal punishment, caning, even imprisonment. This is also the cause of the protests.

According to Aboluowang, the video of them tearing the portraits of the two “supreme leaders” is strictly blocked on China’s Weibo, but some people were still able to repost it on other platforms. Many netizens have used Iran’s protests to express their own helplessness, or disagreement with the status quo, or anger with the Chinese Communist Party, Aboluowang quoted some of the residents’ comments.

A netizen posted a caricature reflecting Iranian women’s overthrow of Khamenei’s theocratic rule, in pursuit of their own liberation, and cheered, “Iranians keep going!”

“Attorney Dai Xiaodong Xi’an” wrote: “Iranian people have awakened, facing the living coffin, they have had profound experiences. Let’s stand up and overthrow this living coffin. The women indignantly burned their hijabs, no longer suffering the hell.”

Aboluowang quoted a Chinese netizen. the English translation reads, “The Iranian government says we must be confident in our traditional culture. The woman wearing the hijab is an aristocratic woman and is protected by law. If a woman does not wear a hijab, or does not wear it properly, she is an untouchable, and is not protected by law. Because not wearing a hijab is not patriotic, not wearing a hijab is not Iranian. We wear masks, it’s the same thing.”

The Iranian media is covering the protest. Some Chinese people lamented that Iran even has freedom of the press and freedom of demonstration.

Someone tacitly mentioned the “anti-pandemic transshipment” event (carrying people to quarantine) in Guizhou, China, which resulted in a crash and the deaths of 27 people.

Many Chinese have been inspired by the anti-dictatorship protest

Sound of Hope said someone retweeted a video of the Iranian protest on Weibo, with the caption “So can I burn the PCR testing counter?” Other netizens also made comments asking if they can burn the cotton swabs, masks, or protective suits.

Another netizen wrote: “Watching the video of Iranians taking off their hijabs, my eyes filled with tears. Thinking about them being able to take to the streets to protest, and even publish newspapers, tears flowed out of my eyes.” 

The major Iranian newspapers got together for front page coverage of what happened to Amini. This is unthinkable in China. Many Chinese netizens wrote comments like, “I didn’t expect Iran to have such freedom of the press,” and “I admire Iran.”

Some netizens compared the protests in Iran to the bus accident in Guizhou, China, pointing out that “one girl died, women across the country fought for her sake; in China 27 people lost their lives, only received an apology”.

Facing the Iranian protest, the CCP cyberspace administration is not idle. Currently some news about the Iranian protests on Weibo have been blocked, and some people insinuated that there are Western powers behind the Iran protests.

This is an English translation of how a Chinese netizen summed it up, “Putin has been in power for 20 years, the Chinese thought that the Russian people would not dare protest. As a result, Russians not only have freedom of speech, but they can also can protest war. China initially mocked that North Korea lacked medical care and medicine, when the pandemic came, infected patients would be executed by firing squad. As a result, when the pandemic came, North Korea prevented and controlled the pandemic in a scientific way (don’t keep people indoors). The Chinese at first thought that no matter what, women’s rights were still at the bottom of Iranian society. As a result they were protected when things happened, and they had the freedom of press. You say, all the responsibility is on the U.S. side?”

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