During the 20th National Congress of the CCP, large-scale forest fires broke out in Guangxi, Hunan, and elsewhere in China. However, Chinese media has been completely silent about the news. It was only when the 20th National Congress ended that the press reported that two firefighters had died in Xi’an, Yongzhou, Hunan province. But little is known about the scale and damage of the forest fires. The live broadcast of a large memorial service held by the people was also cut and blocked on the internet.

On October 28, Zhao Lanjian, a former Chinese media employee, told The Epoch Times that the Hunan forest fire started on October 17, nearly half of the county was engulfed in flames and it burned for 7 days and 7 nights. Due to the congress, many platforms deleted information about the fire.

Zhao said that now the rescue has been taken over by Beijing. Hunan reported to the central government on the afternoon of October 24, and over 80 military vehicles arrived from Beijing, including the Yunnan main fire brigade. The fire is still not under control. Xintian Town and Jinling Town have been burned down. The fire spread over a large area and burned in a southerly direction.

An insider also revealed on the internet that not only Xi’an County, but also Guiyang County, Yichang County, and Yongxing County in Chenzhou, Hunan province, had forest fires and many houses had been burned down.

Zhao said that not only was the tragic extent of the fire concealed, but the news of the large memorial event held by the people for the two firefighters who died was also blocked. The memorial service was televised, but it was inexplicably cut off in the middle. Zhao said that this live-streamed memorial service must be held with the government’s permission. The memorial service was held in the morning, and all the videos were deleted by noon.

A video circulating on the internet shows a large number of locals taking to the street, many holding large banners to honor the dead, the crowd is very large. Seen from above, banners are spread densely, the crowd appears endless. There are people holding flowers on both sides of the road.

Zhao thought that villagers in the local area must have also died, so there was such a large memorial ceremony, and this parade was especially large. He also revealed that the deaths of three more firefighters at Xiangya Hospital have been made public.

Yongzhou resident by the name of Chen, also confirmed to The Epoch Times, “Many firefighters have died. And the casualties of ordinary people have not been reported in the news.”

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