At the closing ceremony of the CCP’s 20th National Congress, a video of former Chinese Communist Party Chairman Hu Jintao suspected of being taken out of the hall was spread on the internet.We now know who escorted Hu from the hall. At the same time, Hu’s son’s name was banned from China’s internet, which once again attracted the attention of the outside world.

According to Twitter account @dakekang, an AP reporter at the Beijing office said that Kong Shaoxun, deputy director of the General Office of the CCP’s Central Committee, was one of the men who escorted Hu out of the hall.

Kong, a native of Ningxia Autonomous Region, joined the Central Office in 2010 and became the deputy director of the Central Office in April this year.

Dake Kang tweeted that after Kong escorted Hu out, he returned to the closing ceremony and whispered something to Xi Jinping, as if asking a question. After receiving “instructions” from Xi, Kang nodded twice and left the hall again. Kong’s direct leader is Ding Xuexiang, director of the Central Office.

Ding, is currently secretary of the secretariat of the Communist Party’s Central Committee and director of the Central Office.

Hu Haifeng, Hu’s eldest son, was also one of the delegates at the congress. Therefore, he must have witnessed his father being escorted out of the hall.

According to Yahoo News, current searches for “Hu Haifeng” on Weibo have not found any related results. Yahoo News pointed out that this shows that Hu Haifeng’s name has been listed as banned words and was completely blocked.

Moreover, when searching for “Hu Jintao” on Weibo, it only shows some official government posts, but the news about Hu Jintao on October 23 was completely lost, obviously “Hu Jintao” has become a sensitive word (Link).

A search on WeChat also did not find any news regarding Hu Jintao or his son that day. Perhaps the regime has blocked news related to Hu Jintao’s departure from the hall, making the outside world more suspicious.

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