On August 31, after rain in Xinjiang desert, the phraseone fox face” appeared on Baidu’s hot search, attracting public attention, and netizens said “really scary.”

As Xinmin Evening News reported on August 30, after a heavy rain in in the arid Kumukuli Desert in Xinjiang in July this year, Wang Hanbing, a photographer from Xinjiang – who has been passionate about photographing the desert and Xinjiang landscape for many years – used a drone to capture the view from above. He then discovered two green lakes that looked like eyes, and the sand was in the shape of a fox nose, like the face of a fox staring back at him.

In the shot, the lines of a fox’s eyebrows, eyes, and high nose can be clearly seen.

Netizens have excitedly discussed the image. The Epoch Times quoted some netizens: “Scary!”, “So scary!”, “Blue-eyed fox,” “Looking at the screen with goosebumps. Is it possible that there is a fox-faced underground palace buried in the desert? “

According to Xinmin Evening News, the photo Eyes of Sand Fox won the annual photo award of the “8th China Drone Photo Contest” in 2022. According to information on Baidu, Kumukuli is the highest desert in the world, with an area of 1,600 square kilometers (618 square miles), located between Mount Qimantage and Kurukpitilktag Mount- Qulaktag Mount.

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