Recently, primary and secondary schools in the city of Shanghai have informed parents that students must complete 2 nucleic acid tests in 3 days before the start of school. Immediately, many people lined up from morning until night at the nucleic acid test points in residential areas and dormitories. 

What bothers parents most is that after the new school year begins, their children have to take nucleic acid tests every day. They also have to send the results to the (homeroom) teachers early in the morning before their children go to school. Parents were extremely upset with this strict regulation, so they complained to the school, and together called to protest the regulation.

NTD said that the new school year in China is about to start. After reading the latest announcement, many parents felt extremely frustrated. Some parents even joked that they had “nucleic acid fear syndrome.”

According to NetEase, some schools even require testing for 2 consecutive days, on August 29 and 30, or on August 30 and 31, only children with negative test results for Covid-19 can go to school.

As a result, long lines of people have appeared at nucleic acid testing sites in residential areas and dormitories in Shanghai from morning till night. According to NTD, parents, even grandparents are taking turns lining up with their children to “do nucleic acid tests.” Looking at the long line of people without seeing the end, the anxiety in the hearts of parents continued to rise.

One netizen posted on social media that in his residential area, there are too many people lining up for nucleic acid testing, so some parents have suggested giving priority for the students to be tested first. Students will start school in the next day or so, and they will not be able to go to school without test results. 

But many adults who are also waiting in line do not agree, because they also need the certificate of nucleic acid test so that they can go to work the next day. They are not ready to give way as it is related to their livelihood. As a result, a controversy broke out.

However, it is not enough to complete “2 nucleic acid tests in 3 days” before school opens. According to the school’s announcement, after school starts, students will have to take nucleic acid tests every day. Some schools even draft regulations such as “test every two days” or “test in the morning and then check in the afternoon.” According to, parents must also present a certificate of “pandemic inspection standards” or “Shanghai health” software. Moreover, the child’s health status must be sent to the homeroom teacher daily according to the school’s deadline. A series of complicated requirements has stunned parents.

Aboluowang also reported that the most troublesome thing for parents is that the school requires the homeroom teacher to complete the nucleic acid report for the whole class before 8 am every day, so the teacher requires parents to send a photo of student nucleic acid test results screen before 7:00 a.m. Some parents even said they were asked to send their children’s health information to teachers at 4 a.m. This is too much pressure for parents, who have to go to work every day, so the group of parents on social networks are complaining.

To fulfill the school’s pandemic prevention requirements, teachers’ lives are also quite difficult. A teacher in Shanghai complained in a social media post that their workload had increased greatly. This teacher complained: “I feel very upset, the students need nucleic acid test so that the teacher can make a document for forty students by 8 am… Manpower is limited. When a teacher’s heart is not in teaching, who is the pitiful person in the end?”

Some parents couldn’t hold it in any longer, so they posted a message to the parent community calling against the school forcing students to take daily nucleic acid tests. Parents also wrote a complaint to the government agency requesting the cancellation of the above unreasonable demands of the school.

Aboluowang said, from August 30, some parents in Shanghai received a notice that the school’s request to send students’ health information to the homeroom teacher every morning was changed to “no need to send if the student’s health is normal, only send if it is abnormal.” However, most students are still required to have a daily nucleic acid test.

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