A Democrat officially ended his campaign and will no longer run for public office at the upcoming election on Nov. 3.

Presidential candidate Julián Castro used social media to announce he would not stand for a chance to run against Donald Trump at the general election later in the year and had no regrets.

“I suspended my campaign for president,” Castro said on Twitter. “I could not be more proud of the race we ran. I am sitting down with [MSNBC Host] Rachel Maddow now to discuss what we achieved together, and the road ahead to build an America where everyone counts.”

The candidate was happy to leave on a high note and believes this was the right time to withdraw from the election, especially after the Republican Party gave overwhelming support for Trump in the House and Senate plus donations to the party totaled a record $20 million in November.

“Looking back over the past the year, I am so proud of the campaign we have built together,” he said on Twitter. “We have marched to the beat of our own drum, stood up for the most vulnerable Americans, and told the truth at a time when lies seem come easy out of Washington.”

The grandson of a Mexican immigrant was the only presidential candidate who did not identify himself as being white. All remaining candidates are white.

Castro’s departure also means his left-leaning election policies will no longer be delivered, including his controversial comparison between police and gun violence.

“We made clear that police violence is gun violence,” he said on Twitter. “We reminded America that so many never receive a first chance, let alone a second.”

His plan to increase the nation’s migrant intake and create an even bigger burden on the welfare system will also not eventuate.

“We defended the principle that America is a place of refuge for those who need it,” he said on Twitter. “I spoke Oscar and Valeria’s names from the debate stage, and traveled to Mexico to pay my respects to them, and all the migrants who have been victims.”

Castro thanked his supporters for all of their hard work.

“Thanks to your hard work and support this year, this campaign left our politics better than we found it,” he said on Twitter. “There’s a lot at stake in the year ahead but with your hope, passion and perseverance, we can have an even better year in 2020.
Now, on to 2020.”

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