The Chinese Communist Party’s implementation of the “zero-COVID” policy has caused public discontent to boil, and even the CCP’s “second red generation” have been affected. Xie Xiaoqin, daughter of former Chinese Minister of Public Security Xie Fuzhi, posted a video saying that she prepared three knives to fight Dabai (pandemic staff wearing white protective suits). If the Dabai force her to go to a field hospital, she will “slash them one by one.”

On December 6, a video went viral on the internet, allegedly recorded by Xie Xiaoqin, at her home. NTD reporters compared the available information with Chinese media reports about Xie Xiaoqin and discovered that the old woman in the video looks exactly like Xie.

In the video, Xie Xiaoqin declared, “Anyone who violates the constitution, the science, wants to come to my house to disinfect, wants to kill my pet, wants to take me to a field hospital, I am determined to tell you that the constitution gives me rights. If you don’t obey it (the constitution), if you want to force me, I have the right to defend myself. If you come here, you will be the ones to suffer.”

She picked up two knives and said, “I’m 75 years old and I’m not afraid of death. You criminal thugs come here. I will find two substitutes. If you want to die, I will take you to heaven. Anyone who breaks the law, breaks into people’s houses, commits violence, the knives will welcome you, slashing you one by one,” at the same time, she continued to wave the knives around.

This video has caused heated discussions on foreign social networks, but on Weibo it was blocked and has only interrupted comments, praising “Grandma Xie Xiaoqin is so strong!”

According to Sohu, Xie was born in 1947, her name was Liu Xiaoqin and her father was Xie Fuzhi, the former minister of Public Security of the Chinese Communist Party. She graduated from the girls’ high school of Beijing Normal University and graduated from the PLA Military Institute of Engineering. She served in the army for 16 years. In 1981, she moved to work for the People’s Literature Publishing House, in turn holding the position of head of the Editorial Department of Modern Literature and the editor of the magazine “Contemporary.”

On November 8, NetEase published an article commenting that Xie, is a special case among the “second red generation.” When going to school, enlisting, working, she did not take her father’s surname Xie but her mother’s surname Liu.

In the last years of her life, Xie did not like to socialize and party, she never participated in the commemorative activities of her father’s generation!

Xie’s father was a famous figure during the Cultural Revolution. Xie Fuzhi joined the Communist Party in 1931. After the founding of the Party in 1949, he held the position of secretary of the Eastern Sichuan District Committee of the Communist Party, Political Commissar of the Military East Sichuan Region, First Secretary of China’s Yunnan Provincial Party Committee, and Deputy Political Commissar of Southwest Military Region, among others.

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