Recently on Chinese internet, there was a rumor that the son of a farming couple in Hunan province, China, unfortunately was diagnosed with leukemia. In order to raise money to treat the 9-year-old boy, the couple “ate grass” in public hoping people would feel sorry for them and raise some money. The video was posted online on October 2. A comment in Chinese that some netizen said, “The reality of Chinese society today is: Party and state leaders spend money; Officials and Party members at all levels eat people; And the commoners and the lower classes are eating grass!”

The man choked up and said that since March, he and his wife have spent more than 700,000 yuan (about $97,000) for medical treatment. They are simple country folk so they had to resort to this crude method to raise money.

The father also said that he couldn’t manage to get the money. Speaking of this, he choked again, “I’m sick, I don’t have money!” His wife knelt beside him, chewing grass and saying thank you to everyone.

A woman passing by saw the scene and said: “Poor, poor you!” An old man said, “How pitiful!” After that, he choked up and couldn’t speak anymore, and quickly wiped his tears with his hand.

According to Vision Times, in China, more and more people are unable to go to the doctor. They don’t have money to buy medicine. They become poor, and more and more families fall back into poverty. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang stated in a press conference in May 2020 that China’s 600 million people have a monthly income of only 1,000 yuan (about $140). The annual per capita income is about 30,000 yuan ($4,215). And for 1,000 yuan it’s hard to rent a room in an average city.

Chen Guangcheng, a Chinese human rights activist now living in the United States, told RFA that, in 2013, Zheng Yan Liang, a farmer in Hebei, China had his leg amputated at home with a saw and a fruit knife. This is the fate of the people at the bottom of society. A Twitter user also wrote, “There was a commoner who was not feeling well and went to the hospital. After being diagnosed with a terminal illness, he turned around and and was about to leave. The doctor asked him, “Don’t you want treatment? The man simply replied, “If I get treatment, the house will be gone, but if I don’t get treatment, even if I die, the house will be preserved.” On hearing this the doctor stood stock still. The patient’s bitterness speaks to the hearts of thousands of poor people and the bitter reality.

Chen also said, “Under the deceitful propaganda of the Chinese government, many people in democratic countries believe that every Chinese citizen has health insurance. It can be seen that the lies and deceitful propaganda inside and outside (the country) are quite successful, and a lot of people have been deceived. This situation can only be fundamentally changed when China establishes a democratic system when people can vote and defend their own interests and determine the destiny of the country.”

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