Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz took determined aim at the liberal-left news network CNN over an editor’s note included in an op-ed piece discussing the Chinese Communist regime’s genocide of the Uighur Muslim minority.

As part of a special section called “Voices of Freedom,” CNN published an op-ed written by Hudson Institute senior fellow Nury Turkel, who reported in his piece being born in a “Chinese re-education camp,” allowing him to speak authoritatively about the details of the brutal conditions in which he and his mother lived in their early childhood, as well as so many millions of others.

Turkel then focuses his account on the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) persecution of the Uighur Muslim minority in the Xinjiang region. 

“Now, some half a century later, China is targeting the Uighur population with a new fervor. According to the U.S, Department of Defense, China has detained possibly as many as 3 million Uighurs in detention camps,” Turkel wrote before citing reports of the sterilization of Uighur women.

Turkel’s lengthy article cites details of the dire situation of Uighurs and other ethnic and religious minorities under the communist regime. The article also urges the authorities to exert more international pressure on China.

But what is extremely surprising is that at the end of the article, there is a statement from CNN’s editor, which seems to be a rebuttal of the facts written directly by the CCP.

“The Chinese government has repeatedly denied any allegations of crimes — including forced labor and forced sterilization — against the Uyghurs and other Turkic peoples,” the note read. “It claims it is providing the Uyghurs with education at ‘vocational training centers’ while assisting in deradicalization efforts to combat alleged terrorism.”

Senator Ted Cruz, who on other occasions has attacked the hegemonic media for its ideological and often anti-American stances, wrote from his Twitter account:

“CNN editors, who have 0 hesitation about publishing trash allegations against anyone they perceive as not leftwing enough, took an article by a Uyghur-American advocate exposing China’s ongoing genocide & added an “Editor’s Note” pushing CCP propaganda.”

Of course, what is outrageous to Cruz and so many others who fight against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) oppression of its people is that this is not the first time CNN has shown its good relations with Chinese communism. 

As recently as June, CNN received a barrage of criticism after publishing an article devoted almost exclusively to praising the CCP’s vaccination policies, all the while ignoring the fact that China is being accused of being primarily responsible for the pandemic that caused millions of deaths and a worldwide economic disaster.

The article in question even compares the vaccination plan of the Chinese regime seeking to belittle that carried out by the United States by saying that the amount of vaccines administered in China is three times the amount administered in the United States and almost 40% of the total amount administered worldwide.

Critics have even used CNN’s acronym to dub it under the name “China News Network,” in a message alluding to its role as a propaganda replicator for the Chinese communist regime.

Two CNN journalists based in Hong Kong wrote the report and published it on Friday, June 18. The original headline read, “China is about to administer its billionth coronavirus vaccine. Yes, you read that right.” But within a few days of being published, hundreds of critics on the networks began to express their disapproval of the story.

Following the hugely negative reaction to the story, CNN updated the article with a new headline: “Chinese state media says country’s navy unaffected by coronavirus.”

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