Recently, Huaying Xianming Vocational Technical School in Huaying District, Guangan City, Sichuan, told students to bring bed slats (posture board) on the very first day back at school. The Local Education Department explained: “The bed planks belong to the furniture on the bed, therefore students need to buy them themselves.” There were other comments like:Luckily they don’t ask students to burn bricks and build floors themselves!”

The Xiaoxiang Morning News reported on the incident with a video. The video shows that many parents gathered outside the school bringing the bed slats. Huaying Education Department said that this was not mandatory, students could use cardboard as a substitute for the bed planks. 

On September 1, an employee at a shop near Huaying Vocational Technical School told NetEase that it was true that this school required students to bring their own bed slats or posture board, which has been going on since last year. When Huaying City Department of Education and Sports verified the incident, an employee said that the campus of the Huaying Vocational Technical School – Branch No. 1 was in very poor condition. It was so under-furnished that they only provided students with bed frames made with iron but no bed slats. Since after graduation, students will take the bed slats with them, the school decided not to provide them. 

One staffer said: “The school charges an accommodation fee of 260 yuan, but this fee does not include the cost of bedding. Bed slats are part of the bedding, therefore, students have to buy them; if they do not want to buy them, cardboard can be used instead.”

Netizens have left a massive number of comments and the Vision Times has kept a record of some:

“Fortunately, there are still beds and dormitories, it’s too troublesome to ask students to bring these too.”

Another said: “At least it’s better than asking students to bring their own teachers.”

“The first time I heard that I had to bring bed slats to school…will I also be asked to bring the bed in the future?

Teaching and growing people becomes a business, oh dear! This is really a unique situation, which creates new thinking. If we keep this up, we can eventually ask students to bring desks, chairs, food, even the blackboard, the shower, and the toilet though the last one is a bit difficult. This not only saves cost but also strengthens students’ bodies.”

“Is this the first time I have heard that everyone selling beds in this world is only selling a bare bed frame?”

According to public information, Huaying is a county-level city managed by Guangan City, Sichuan Province. Huaying has a population of about 347,100 people. Huaying Vocational Technical School in Sichuan is the only state-run vocational and technical school in Huaying that offers 6 majors.

It seems that it is not new for students in Sichuan province to bring their own bed slats on the first day of school. A  video posted online on September 2, 2020 showed that a high school in Deyang City, Sichuan also required students to bring bed slats on the first day of school.

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