A taxpayer-funded broadcaster was widely criticized for editing out part of a blockbuster movie Home Alone 2 —because the president made a brief appearance.

The Canadian Broadcast Company (CBC) was questioned after several viewers used social media to express their dissatisfaction with the federally funded broadcaster removing a seven-second scene from the 1992 Christmas favorite “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.”

The video Inside Edition uploaded to YouTube shows then 12-year-old actor Macaulay Culkin asking a more youthful Donald Trump for directions while walking through the lobby of the Plaza Hotel on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

“Excuse me, where is the lobby?” Culkin said.

“Down the hall and to the left,” Trump said while using his right index finger to point in the same directions.

Several viewers agreed with the president’s joke that the “movie will never be the same” after noticing the scene had been deleted. One viewer thought CBC’s editing could constitute anti-Trump “propaganda.”

“It isn’t the same–it is my favorite part of the movie,” Qanuck said on Twitter. “CBC=state run media/propaganda. It is time for Canadians to get loud and #defundtheCBC.”

Another viewer who said he was a fan was concerned CBC could have been pressured by people who support the leftist agenda.

“I love seeing your cameo in Home Alone 2, President Trump! It makes me proud, especially when I consider how you are reshaping the courts with conservative judges,” Bradley Scott said on Twitter. “It is sad that so many leftists are so emotionally immature that a simple cameo is too much for them.”

One person used the opportunity to show their support for the incumbent president and thank him for playing a positive role in guiding the younger generation.

“Many of us own real movie … our children watched it and our grandchildren watched it,” We are Q4Freedom said on Twitter. “They were very proud to see their president leading the child.”

Others called for CBC to broadcast the full movie that includes Culkin’s meeting with Trump.

“Put it back! Make the movie great again,” All American said on Twitter.

“Why would anyone change what made this movie so great? Every scene is what made it great,” MAGA Bama Gal said on Twitter. “The hate for our wonderful president is quite comical at this point. They better buckle up! 2020 is going to be very hard on them.”

Culkin previously invited his fans to meet with him in-person at the same hotel.

“Any of my beloved fans can meet me, just spring for the $1641 a night rate to stay at The Plaza Hotel,” the actor said on Twitter.

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