After the CCP’s 20th National Congress, “Political Consultative Conference Simulation” Student Associations have appeared at many Chinese universities. These student associations will mimic the operation of political consultative conferences, allowing students to deepen their understanding and awareness of “the whole process of people’s democracy.” Some scholars point out that this type of “re-enactment” is deceptive and is a tool for the CCP to increase brainwashing.

As reported by Ifeng on November 2, Tianjin University’s United Nations Simulation Association was recently transformed and reorganized, and renamed Political Consultative Conference Simulation Student Association. The main activities are divided into three parts: Political consultative conference simulation projects, academic workshops, and deductive exercises.

According to the report, this move is intended to allow students to experience the organization of a political consultative conference, the rules of procedure, and the method of a consultative conference, instructing students to “understand thoroughly the advantages of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics, as well as understand and realize the whole process of people’s democracy.”

According to Sound of Hope, in addition to Tianjin University, National Yunnan University established a Political Consultative Conference Simulation Association on October 28 and approved the project of simulating the conference. And then Shandong Liaocheng Vocational and Technical College established the association on October 31. Student councilors attending the conference simulated the members of the Political Consultative Conference and voted on the agenda. The Urban Construction Institute of Henan Industrial Vocational and Technical College is also soliciting the newly established Political Consultative Conference Simulation Association. Chongqing Normal University II, Zhang Jiawan Middle School, Tongzhou District, Beijing, and Zhejiang Yiwu Middle School, also reported on the Political Consultative Conference Simulation Association. 

A Chinese netizen scoffed at this. “Practice clapping simulates a political consultative conference, practice raising hands simulates the National People’s Congress.”,

Another commented, “Simulate like a wooden man?”

Li Yuanhua, a former professor at Capital Normal University, told The Epoch Times that in terms of form, or in terms of documentation, the CCP has a series of processes, including consultative conferences. It asks students to follow this set of procedures, which is essentially deceptive. He pointed out that the Political Consultative Conference is basically without democracy, and that the conference project is actually a decoration of the CCP. When two sessions are held every year, many members of the conference, including delegates of the National People’s Congress, make very ridiculous proposals, because they know what kind of suggestions are allowed under the CCP system; some really constructive suggestions will certainly be shelved.

Li said that the CCP’s so-called democratic Party, including the political consultative conference, has never had real democracy or political consultation since the CCP took power. Only when you accompany or ‘paint’ its autocratic regime can you survive, otherwise you will be subject to oppression.

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