Recently, the famous blogger once again exposed the food safety problem in mainland China – the foods that people usually eat are “synthesized” from food additives. In just a short time, the number of followers of this blogger who specializes in this type of video has reached nearly 9 million. However, this blogger took the initiative to cancel his account under pressure from the customer service of the official Chinese media and video platform, which attracted the attention of netizens.

Video exposing “black technology” in food production

In June, a video blogger named Xin Jifei introduced the process of making many delicious dishes in a video: Using a variety of simple, readily available ingredients and additives Xin created delicious food commonly found in the market.

Beef balls are not made from beef. All we need are frozen chicken slices and soy protein with added sugar, salt, MSG, flavoring, and food additives to become “synthesized” ” beef balls.

To prepare steak, first of all, let’s start with ground large pieces of meat, then add a catalyst and let it rest for a while. Then mix a sauce in the usual way to “color” the steak. In the end we have a finished steak by any “standard.”

There is also synthetic peanut butter, synthetic honey, synthetic bird’s nest, synthetic crab sauce, synthetic pearl milk tea, and the list goes on.The stages of “processing food” are really eye-opening.

As the number of clicks on Xin’s video soars, more and more netizens say they feel cheated by the restaurant’s food, which turns out to be all “technology plus cruelty.”

The Epoch Time quoted some netizens commenting: One said,”I don’t dare look at roadside eateries anymore.”

Another said, “I will never eat out again after this.”

And one last surprising comment, “Over the past ten years, my mother has advised me not to give up eating out and some Xin Jifei’s videos have done just that.”

The increasingly acrimonious discussion of “black technology” in the food industry has drawn intense attention from “China Food News Media,” which has released two videos criticizing Xin and accusing him of creating public anxiety. It said that he doesn’t refer to dosage but only talks about toxicity, spreads guilt about low prices, and points to tricks, and crime. 

Some food service media also posted videos criticizing Xin’s content for negatively affecting the food service industry.

According to NetEase, Xin received a phone call from TikTok on September 21. The TikTok representative shared that some of his content released was seriously harming small- and medium-sized businesses, which is why they have asked him to adjust the direction of the content but he refused.

It is known that Xin asked the TikTok representative, “Is this action illegal? Or does it violate ethics?” After back and forth debates, Xin canceled his Tiktok account.

The article shared that Xin continued to post videos on Kuaishou. If you want to see his videos, just go to Kuaishou, Xin’s influence is really huge.

Under the influence of a series of incidents such as TikTok customer service getting in touch to discuss changes in content direction, the account owners canceling their accounts, topics related to Xin Jifei and food safety have also been brought to the forefront of online public opinion.

Many fans believe that Xin’s actions touched the cake of the tycoons, which is why it caused a storm. The more they object, the more it proves that what Xin said and did is right.

On the evening of September 28, Xin’s account was no longer found on the Tiktok platform, but the related debate on the internet is still going on.

Expert: Corrupt CCP institutions and food safety problems are a vicious cycle

Wang He, a senior commentator on current affairs, told The Epoch Times on September 30 that food safety in the mainland is a long-standing issue. For example, the 2008 melamine incident shook China and the world. The government only dealt with certain people instead of solving the root cause of the problem. A lot of insiders’ issues as well as the consequences were not revealed.

Wang said that this reflects how rotten the Chinese regime is and that it is unfixable. Food safety issues has become a serious topic. it concerns the safety of every household. For years, the Chinese took food poisoning for granted as it was widespread and became completely unsolvable. Now, internet celebrity Xin has pointed out the food safety issue in a “technology plus cruelty” way, and the anger that people have been harboring has flared up again.

Wang said that Xin’s video offended the interests of many in the food industry. Many incidents were exposed, and the impact on society was huge. Not only the food industry, but government regulators and the Food and Drug Administration are also responsible, so Xin “disrespected” both officials and businessmen. It also shows that mainland China’s morality has now deteriorated, and that government oversight of industry and commerce is a formality, and has no substance. Government and businesses are almost on the same page, leading to a vicious cycle of food safety.

Wang believes that Xin was scolded by some netizens, which is also the duty of the government’s cyber army.

Li Yuanhua, an Australia-based historian, told The Epoch Times that Xin used the video to reveal the “black technology” food production process, which is tantamount to exposing the unwritten rules of the food industry. In the absence of ethical restrictions, the food industry will use inferior ingredients, indiscriminately add substances or harmful things to reduce costs. Because people are concerned about their health, bloggers who make this type of content have received great attention, causing them to be hunted by the government’s cyber-warriors. Obviously, the crime that they “committed” is to expose these unwritten rules, and at the same time, make bad practitioners unable to sit still, affecting their interests. So it is understandable that they will surround and suppress those who dare to expose the black curtain.

Some additives, Li said, can change the appearance of food, making it more appealing or delicious, but they are harmful to the human body. To a certain extent, it is poison, and many people are unaware of these dangers.

Li said that what the CCP considers is the interest, not monitoring from the perspective of people’s health. In such a regulatory environment, additives harmful to the human body are mass-produced and widely abused. The lack of government oversight has resulted in no one monitoring what additives are added to food and the dosage applied by street vendors. This is also a specific response to the chaos of the entire food service industry in mainland China.

Food safety issues and high cancer incidence in mainland China

Under the regime of the CCP, some businesses are unscrupulous because in order to cut costs and gain more profits, they have ignored food safety and potential health risks for consumers. 

More than 10 years ago, news such as Sudanese red dye, Malachite blue dye, melamine, clenbuterol, sewer oil, tainted rice, and other news revealed by mainland media triggered massive concerns about food in the market.

The Sohu newspaper reported last February that Beijing News integrated data published by the World Health Organization and found that China ranks first in the world in terms of new cancer cases and deaths from cancer by 2020. On average about 12,500 people are diagnosed with cancer every day in China. Last year, a total of 3 million people died from cancer in China, which set off alarms for China’s health care system.

The article stated that this is also related to environmental pollution, emotional stress, and eating habits.

Wang said that people’s health and food safety are related. Why has China become a cancer powerhouse? There are many reasons for this and food safety is directly related. There are many cancer villages in China. Ordinary people do not have the right to free speech, and the media is blocked after they report. The suffering of ordinary people reflects the corruption in all of society and the evil of the Chinese Communist Party. Wang said it was total moral failure, unethical business, and unethical government. Therefore, China has become the country with the largest number of cancers in the world with up to 220,000 children with various types of cancer, which is unthinkable. This is a shame for China and a scandal for the CCP.

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