The CCP’s “zero-COVID” policy is bringing more and more surprising situations. On October 13, the Manzhouli City Media Center, Inner Mongolia issued a police announcement on the official account Manzhouli Today, stating that the police attacked and arrested a woman picking up trash and fined her 200 yuan ($28). The announcement then sparked heated debate.

On the October 6, a “Notice on strengthening pandemic prevention and strict management of scrap,” stated that since the beginning of the year, Manzhouli city has found many people with COVID-19 are scavenging. Therefore, considering that the process of collecting and recycling scrap has a high risk of COVID-19 transmission, it is necessary to strengthen pan measures and strictly manage scrap. At the same time, sanction the act of recycling scrap that does not comply with regulations on the pandemic.

This announcement did not attract too much attention at first, but after the police official notice, it caused a huge public outcry.

Sound of Hope cited a number of netizens’ comments, with many Chinese netizens pointing out that the government was not giving low-income people a way to live. A netizen said, “Does she pick up trash because she likes it? Why is she fined 200 yuan? How much does she collect to make that much money!” Another person said, “Sitting by a trash can, waiting for someone to pick up trash and then deliberately arresting them? Even at 3 a.m., also stalking to catch them! Do they have this kind of energy when it comes to catching criminals?”

In the face of the harsh criticism, the content was officially deleted and you can’t view some comments on Weibo.

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