On September 24, the Xijiang Bridge suddenly collapsed at the junction of Jiangmen and Zhongshan, in Guangdong province, crushing a dump truck. Netizens think that the bridge under construction is a tofu project. Netizens refer to poorly constructed or substandard projects as tofu.

Guangdong police said that at 9:20 a.m. on September 24, there was an accident on section K334+200 of the Zhongjiang Expressway that crushed a dump truck and one person was injured. The injured was taken to the hospital. The Guangdong Department of Transportation said that the incident is currently under investigation, and the specific cause is still unknown.

According to reports, due to the collapse of the bridge, the city government closed the section in the direction of Zhongshan, and is controlling two-way traffic on the expressway.

From September 24 to September 26, police in Jiangmen city are directing traffic on the section from Longxi Interchange to Xijiang Bridge on ​​ the Zhongjiang Expressway.

The video recorded by a vehicle dashcam shows that when the viaduct collapsed, a section fell on a truck, crushing it Fortunately, the driver wasn’t killed.

Netizens questioned the quality of the bridge, even before it was put into use there was an accident. Some netizens feel that the truck driver was very lucky.

Other netizens spoke to The Epoch Times, that they wondered if the truck driver would get blamed for being under the bridge when the collapse happened.

One netizen said, “Fortunately, it was a dump truck, but the truck body was still crushed. If it was a car, it wouldn’t be able to back up.”

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