Recently, a netizen in Anhui province, China revealed that the military training for students at Wuhu No. 1 High School was so stressful that many female students were hospitalized. On September 7, the school had to issue a letter of apology that stated that 13 students were hospitalized and they were being monitored while some other students were discharged after being treated.

Wuhu No. 1 High School announced on the afternoon of September 7 that on August 28, the school had started the running training for high school students. During the training, the school’s coach asked students to do a series of squats to warm up before the session. 

On the second day, some female students in the class felt discomfort in their legs, symptoms mostly were different levels of pain in their thighs. After that, students from all grades went to the hospital for examination, and the doctor asked them to be hospitalized for monitoring and treatment.

All students were expected to recover and were to be discharged on September 8. The school has apologized for the consequences of this running training.

Elephant News reported on September 7 that students of No. 1 High School in Wuhu City, Anhui revealed that the so-called running training organized by the school was actually military training and the students were ordered to do 100 quick squats and run 4km (2.5 miles) and 2 rounds of the campus. 

This has triggered a heated discussion on the mainland internet. 

Someone pointed out that the scholl had negleted to mention how many squats the students had to or that they also had to run as part of their warmup.

One person commented, “Children today are not really physically active, the schools should have been more thoughtful when designing the military training.”

A student at Wuhu No. 1 junior high school wrote on the internet: “Hospitalization is due to excessive corporal punishment!”

He shared, “Today’s last session was at the school’s campus. The teacher told us to go back to class and said that we should write a report. On the way back, I thought ‘Well, at the very least, they have the guts to face it instead of avoiding it.’ I thought this would be a high school full of humanity. Unexpectedly, the content of the school’s public announcement completely excluded the students’ injuries, and the teacher loudly asserted that all students would be discharged from the hospital, as well as repeatedly highlighting the ‘reputation of the school.'”

It was reported that later, at least 80% of the more than 30 female students in the class were seriously injured. More than 20 girls were being examined and diagnosed at level 1 of the treatment regimens, 10 of them were hospitalized. The liver and kidneys of all hospitalized students were severely damaged by rhabdomyolysis.

Rhabdomyolysis syndrome occurs when skeletal muscle cells are severely damaged and destroyed. Causes of rhabdomyolysis include: adverse drug reactions, excessively high body temperature, infection, metabolic disorders, electric shock, burns, and injuries. The most common cause is overexertion, resulting in damaged muscle. Muscle cells break down and substances such as myoglobin in the muscle are released into the bloodstream, causing a variety of clinical symptoms. The main symptoms are muscle pain, swelling, and brown urine. In severe cases, complications such as acute kidney failure, cardiac arrhythmia, and even death can occur.

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