Recently, in Guiyang, Guizhou, China, the news of a group of agricultural experts walking on a carpet deep in conversation, in a cornfield has sparked heated discussions on the internet.

In the video, a man followed the experts, holding a loudspeaker to introduce corn varieties. A large red banner was also very eye-catching in the cornfield. The incident took place on August 27.

By September 1, Beijing News reported, a video about “Exchanging activities of experts in carpeted Guiyang cornfields” sparked netizens’ lively discussions.

It also reported that on the afternoon of September 1, the staff of the conference working group of the dry grains research institute of the Guizhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences (Guiyang General Experiment Station) told the Beijing News reporter that, it was not carpeting on the field, but technical fabric spread for the safety of experts.

Most of those present were elite experts in the industry, including scientists of the National Maize Production Technology System, experts in related positions and station chiefs of Guiyang General Experimentation Station.

During the event, due to Guiyang’s rainy weather and wet ground, the organizers laid out carpets for experts to avoid soiling their shoes and clothes.

This incident made netizens curious. The Epoch Times quoted some netizens’ comments as follows:

One netizen commented: “Such behavior of these agricultural experts means they don’t want to go to the countryside to survey. Are agricultural experts afraid of dirty shoes? Being like that and asking to research? Also mobilizing the cameraman to report? You surely want to promote your image, huh?

Another wanted to know: “What kind of expert is this? Presenting like a show to promote?”

One person pointed out: “From the position of the carpet, it can be guessed that many corns were cut down and carpeted on it. Good job my country!”

As early as 2020, similar incidents appeared on hot searches of Baidu and Weibo.

NetEase reported, on September 28, 2020, in Hebi, Henan, the news of the local TV station broadcast: A group of experts and officials, including academics from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, professors from the Agricultural University of China Dai Jingrui, and professor Li Jiansheng, walking on a long and wide red carpet in the middle of a cornfield.

At that time, the incident also attracted criticism from netizens, someone said: “If the feet of academics and officials are so noble that they have to roll out a red carpet to be able to walk through the field, it is futile to survey the field.”

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