Virtue and luxury

Culture 12/19/18, 10:31

Thriftiness is a virtue. A family or nation, that indulges in extravagance and luxury often leads to heavy losses or disaster—while being thrifty is often associated with prosperity. Below are three examples from Chinese history. Emperor Wendi of the Han Dynasty (180–157 B.C.) For 23 years, Wendi was an emperor during the Han ...

Zhuge Liang’s insatiable appetite for learning (Video)

Culture 10/11/18, 09:15

Zhuge Liang, (181-234 AD), is a great historical figure who lived during the Three States Period. When he was young, Zhuge Liang’s teacher, Sir Shuijing, lived a reclusive life in the Village of Shuijing. Sir Shuijing kept a rooster that would strut about in his yard. Everyday at noon, the rooster would ...

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