The Myth of Sisyphus

Legend 12/07/18, 03:31

The tale of how Sisyphus received his eternal punishment is one telling of the retribution facing man and his arrogance. The punishment of Sisyphus would hold some disturbing familiarities to our lives and society in modern days. Sisyphus was the first king of Ephyra, today known as Corinth. He was a ...

The flood of Deucalion and the human race born from stone

Legend 11/16/18, 12:29

The myths of severe floods, although originating from vastly differing civilizations, share unbelievable similarities. Suppose that these floods took place exactly as per the stories tell us, what warning should we heed from these catastrophes? What message could be hidden within these ancient stories? Could these stories be globally coincidental? ...

Greek Mythology: Prometheus

Legend 11/07/18, 09:17

The cyclops and giants was cleaned out by gods as Zeus prepared Earth for a new age. Zeus told the wisest of the titans, Epimetheus and his brother Prometheus, to make lives that would inhabit the new earth. Epimetheus, in zeal, got right to the task, he made the bears ...

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