Recession returns to Hong Kong after zero-COVID adherence

Social problem 08/03/22, 03:08

Hong Kong, one of the world’s financial hubs, is falling back into a second recession, illustrating  the costs of loyalty to the zero-COVID policy.  According to figures released on August 1, Hong Kong’s gross domestic product shrank by 1.4% in the second quarter of 2022. At least, it is a narrower ...

Autonomy: Many Chinese people want to be free from government rule

Social problem 07/29/22, 03:21

Many residents in China’s provinces and cities are feeling the heat from the regime’s Covid policies, and an economic recession, and are trying to flee the country. Because of the “zero policy,” about 10,000 wealthy Chinese are hoping to settle overseas. This would result in an outflow of $48 billion. They ...

China’s Covid battle: Police with gun guard testing site

Social problem 07/27/22, 00:27

Lanzhou city, Gansu province, was locked down for more than two weeks due to the severe Covid-19 virus outbreak. The city has been conducting measures to fight the epidemic. More than 10,000 residents in Lanzhou are under centralized quarantine, and most other residents are required to stay at home. The entire ...

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