The strong protests against the Chinese regime that spread around the world

Social problem 10/27/22, 15:15

The October 13 incident on Sitong Bridge in Haidian District, Beijing, where banners protesting against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) appeared, spread to Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xiang, and the world. Slogans against the "Zero-COVID policy" or the "common prosperity" initiative pointed directly at the CCP and its Politburo, where the power of the red ...

Shanghai’s PCR test site allegedly vandalized, netizens overjoyed

Insights 06/04/22, 18:20

On June 3, "a nucleic acid test site in Shanghai was vandalized and the man involved was punished" became a hot search on Baidu, attracting the netizens' attention. Chinese netizens responded favorably to this action and recounted their own experiences when being forced to do regular nucleic acid or PCR ...

Beijing claims epidemic under control, but it secretly builds 6,000 bed hospital

News 05/31/22, 17:37

Beijing officials announced that the COVID-19 pandemic is basically under control in the city, and they have started to ease measures in some controlled areas. However, simultaneously, Beijing is building a large-scale field hospital with an urgent completion date of June 5.  According to Taiwan media, in Fenghuangling, a Beijing suburb, ...

China’s ‘Zero-COVID’ policy wreaks havoc on its airline industry

Economy 01/29/22, 19:36

The Chinese regime has promoted the suspension of flights to ensure the goal of "Zero COVID." Unfortunately, this policy has severely disrupted an aviation industry already suffering from the pandemic. According to Nikkei, in 2021, China suspended 603 flights. As of January 13th, China suspended 198 flights in the new year, ...

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