Expert: China’s military is incredibly corrupt

Opinion 12/12/21, 23:58

Current affairs expert Wang Youqun wrote an op-ed in the Epoch Times about the significant degeneration of the Chinese army. Youqun alleged that more than 160 senior Chinese military officers had been investigated for corruption. This is much greater than the number of senior officers who have fallen in the Chinese ...

The fate of 6 officials in Xi Jinping’s ‘Anti- Corruption’ campaign

China 12/09/21, 02:56

This year, the Chinese Communist Party's senior authorities have undergone a severe purge directed by incumbent leader Xi Jinping. As 13 provinces and autonomous regions have completed the leadership transition, six officers have been eliminated. Throughout the reform process, most top leaders at the provincial party committee level were repositioned, AboluoWang ...

Xi Jinping launched an internal CCP purge campaign to ensure absolute control

China 08/21/20, 18:51

Several dozen Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials have been under investigation since July, following a campaign to "cleanse" the Party's "political and legal institutions." The purge was instigated by one of the closest allies of leader Xi Jinping, who proposed "turning the blade inward and scraping the poison from the bone," ...

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