President Xi: ‘Bully us and broken heads and blood’ will be your result

U.S. 07/02/21, 01:46

In a speech commemorating the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP's) 100th anniversary in Beijing on Thursday, July 1, Xi, the most powerful Chinese leader in generations, delivered a defiant message—anyone who tries to bully China “will face broken heads and bloodshed." Mr. Xi spoke to a large crowd at Tiananmen Square to ...

President Biden: China believes it will ‘own America’ by 2035

U.S. 05/30/21, 01:32

President Biden told U.S. troops that China believes it would "control America" within the next 15 years while addressing the changing environment of foreign threats to the country in a recent visit to Joint Base Langley Eustis in Hampton. “We’re in a battle between democracies and autocracies,” Biden said on Friday, ...

WHO admits the CCP never informed it about the coronavirus outbreak

U.S. 07/03/20, 03:22

The World Health Organization (WHO) has changed its timeline tracking the spread of the CCP Virus (coronavirus). The updated timeline shows that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) did not report the existence of the virus to it in late 2019. The WHO quietly updated its timeline this week, stating that it ...

Chinese regime could boycott the Netherlands for closer relations with Taiwan

Politics 05/02/20, 14:43

This week the Netherlands changed the name of the Netherlands Trade and Investment Office to Netherlands Office of Taipei, making clear the great progress in cooperation that it has reached with its partner Taiwan. Such a decision provoked Beijing's angst, which maintains a tense diplomatic relationship with Taipei due to Taiwan's ...

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