The zombie worms are resurrected after a 24,000-year sleep

Enviroment 06/09/21, 23:22

After 24,000 years, frozen "zombie" worms were revived by Russian scientists. For about 50 million years, microscopic, multi-cellular animals known as bdelloid rotifers have lived in freshwater environments. Researchers have discovered that the newly thawed animals, which reproduced asexually, had no obstacle to cloning themselves once resurrected. Other research on rotifers expressed ...

Sydney Brenner, who helped decipher genetic code, dies at 92

Science 04/06/19, 17:01

Sydney Brenner, a Nobel Prize-winning biologist who helped decipher the genetic code and whose research on a roundworm sparked a new field of human disease research, has died. He was 92.The Salk Institute for Biological Studies in California, where Brenner spent part of his seven-decade career, said he died Friday ...

Asia bracing for destruction by alien pest: fall armyworms

World 03/19/19, 00:36

Fall armyworms, a longtime American pest, are munching their way around the globe, raising alarm now in Asia after entrenching themselves in Africa.Experts say the insect was first found outside the Americas in 2016, in Africa, where it has infested up to half of some crops of maize, sorghum and ...

What makes chickens happy? Nobody is quite sure

News 12/20/18, 00:06

How do you measure a chicken's happiness? Is it in the way it runs for food? How much time it spends preening?To size up what might make chickens happy in their brief lives, researchers at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, are putting 16 breeds through physical fitness and ...

Crayfish add a fun alternative to teaching students science

Science 10/13/18, 21:10

Third-grade students at Prairie View Elementary School can be heard cheering when it is time for science class these days, thanks to some visitors in the classroom.The students are studying crayfish as part of the “structures of life” unit at the school. Teacher Jennifer Sprenger said K-5 students in the ...

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