Life-sized plastic whale to raise ocean pollution awareness

Enviroment 10/12/18, 17:44

Artists are putting the finishing touches on an 82-foot-long (24-meter-long) blue whale made from discarded plastic that will be on display near San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge to raise awareness about ocean pollution.The Monterey Bay Aquarium said Friday a blue whale can weigh 300,000 pounds (136,000 kilograms) — about the ...

Happy news: Beluga whale in Thames eating, swimming well

Europe 09/26/18, 10:07

British officials say the beluga whale spotted in the River Thames seems to be feeding properly and swimming strongly.The animal welfare group RSPCA said Wednesday the whale is "able to move fast in the water and dive." Officials hope it will return to the open sea.A beluga whale swims in ...

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