GOP Rep Gaetz rejects capping insulin prices, urges Americans to lose weight

News 04/04/22, 15:01

A Republican from Florida thinks chronic disease patients are better off losing weight than receiving fixed price medicine. Rep. Matt Gaetz refused to support the Democrat-led House Resolution 6833, which caps insulin prices at $35 a month. He warned the drug only offers temporary relief to a long-term medical condition. "Arbitrary price ...

Gut microbiome could make weight loss easier says study

Nutrition 09/20/21, 19:28

Bacteria that helps digest food and absorb nutrients could be the key to decrease body weight. Seattle's Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) has discovered gut microbiomes in the intestines that influence weight loss. Researchers studied microbiomes from 105 people who were trying to lose weight. Half of respondents did not shed any ...

Las Vegas man sheds more than 113 pounds to enlist in Army

U.S. 08/22/19, 06:31

Luis Enrique Pinto Jr. lost 113 pounds in seven months to meet height and weight standards of the Army’s Occupational Physical Assessment Test given to new Army recruits to join the U.S. military. He is headed to basic training next month, according to ArmyTimes. Pinto, 18, of Las Vegas, Nevada, was ...

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