EPA: No toxic releases at Superfund sites in flooded Midwest

Enviroment 03/27/19, 20:56

Flooding in the Midwest temporarily cut off a Superfund site in Nebraska that stores radioactive waste and explosives, inundated another one storing toxic chemical waste in Missouri, and limited access to others, federal regulators said Wednesday.The Environmental Protection Agency reported no releases of hazardous contaminants at any of eight toxic ...

Alabama chemical spill sends dozens to hospitals

U.S. 02/27/19, 15:19

More than 50 people have been sent to hospitals around Birmingham, Alabama, following a chemical spill at a water treatment plant.Authorities tell news outlets that irritating gas caused by a mixture of ferric sulfate and sodium hypochlorite was causing breathing problems for about a dozen workers.Roughly 40 more people were ...

Porous paving options catch on, one driveway at a time

Business 11/27/18, 10:52

One driveway at a time, many green-minded homeowners and communities are opting for permeable paving options instead of traditional asphalt."It's much better for the environment because it helps cut down on storm runoff, which picks up motor oil and other pollutants, overburdens water treatment facilities, and can ultimately end up ...

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