New Jersey gives $10M to anti-pollution work in Barnegat Bay

Enviroment 05/03/19, 12:40

New Jersey will spend $10 million on projects to prevent storm water pollution from entering the ecologically fragile Barnegat Bay, authorities said Friday.The state Department of Environmental Protection announced grants to nonprofit groups, local governments, and state colleges and universities that will institute projects to prevent polluted runoff from entering ...

Gold company says EPA is mishandling Colorado mining cleanup

Enviroment 02/26/19, 14:51

A gold company says the Environmental Protection Agency is mismanaging the cleanup of nearly 50 mining sites in Colorado and should be removed as the agency in charge.Sunnyside Gold Corp. made the complaint Monday in a letter to the EPA. Sunnyside owns mining property in the Bonita Peak Superfund district ...

WHO says Iraq river pollution toxic to fish

Enviroment 11/20/18, 08:53

The World Health Organizations said Tuesday that laboratory tests completed after a shocking fish die-off in Iraq's Euphrates River show the water is contaminated with high levels of bacteria, heavy metals, and ammonia.Fishermen were stunned to find that hundreds of tons of carp had died suddenly in their river cages ...

Montana measure to boost mine cleanup standards fails

Enviroment 11/07/18, 15:11

Montana voters have rejected a ballot initiative that would have increased cleanup standards for companies that plan to open new mines in the state.The measure that failed in Tuesday's election would have required developers to provide clear evidence in any new hard-rock mining proposal that the mine wouldn't need the ...

Carp ‘annihilated’ as Iraq’s water pollution woes worsen

World 11/04/18, 12:29

Iraqi officials and fishermen are at a loss to explain how hundreds of tons of carp have suddenly died in fish farms in the Euphrates River, fueling anxieties about soaring water pollution.Local authorities used excavators to skim dead fish from the river surface near the town of Hindiyah, 80 kilometers ...

Water pollution in Iraq threatens Mandaean religious rites

World 10/17/18, 02:24

Every Sunday in Iraq, along a strip of embankment on the Tigris River reserved for followers of the obscure and ancient Mandaean faith, worshippers bathe themselves in the waters to purify their souls.But unlike in ancient times, the storied river that runs through Baghdad is fouled by untreated sewage and ...

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