Washington legislature removed the word marijuana from state laws, citing racism

News 04/27/22, 02:21

After decriminalizing marijuana at the federal level on April 1, the Washington legislature on April 25 removed the word marijuana from state law and replaced it with Cannabis. Rep. Melanie Morgan (Parkland), who introduced the bill, said, "The term 'marijuana' itself is pejorative and racist,'" according to Fox News. Washington lawmakers recently ...

Wash. Legislature finishes session: What passed, what died

Health 04/29/19, 18:11

The Washington state Legislature adjourned at midnight Sunday, avoiding overtime and ending a 105-day legislative session that saw bills signed on high-profile issues and a whirlwind finish that raised questions about transparency.Entering their second year in full control of state government, Democrats enacted changes to laws touching everyday life across ...

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