Raytheon and United Technologies to create a defense giant

Business 06/10/19, 11:27

Raytheon and United Technologies will join to create a massive aerospace and defense company in a sector that is already rapidly consolidating. The combined company, which will count among its portfolio of weaponry the F-35 fighter jet, Patriot and Tomahawk missile systems in addition to space suits and intelligence technology as ...

Amid rising anxiety, colleges tell students it’s OK to fail

Health 04/04/19, 09:10

Bentley University has plenty of success stories among its faculty and alumni. But one recent evening, the school invited students to hear about the failures.Speaking to a crowded auditorium, one professor recounted the time he sank a $21 million company. Another recalled failing her college statistics course. One graduate described ...

Driver, man clinging to hood in road rage case, arraigned

U.S. 01/28/19, 15:57

Two Massachusetts men involved in an apparent case of road rage in which one drove at speeds of up to 70 mph with the other clinging to the hood of his vehicle, some of which was caught on video , were released after their arraignments Monday. Mark Fitzgerald, 37, of Ashland, ...

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