Bill Barr inadvertently exposed just how deep Washington’s swamp is

Opinion 06/28/21, 15:55

Donald Trump is back and, true to form, he's not holding back anything that happened over the past few months. In a statement issued late Sunday, June 27, Trump lashed out at Attorney General William Barr. But in addition, from Barr's own mouth, the complicities of the Washington establishment, especially the top ...

Texas Dems stage walkout on election bill voting session

Texas 06/01/21, 04:05

On Sunday night, May 30, Republican lawmakers in Texas were on the verge of passing a sweeping election bill that would foster some of the most robust voting restrictions in the country, and disapproving Democrats held a dramatic walkout to block it. "We were determined to kill this bill in any ...

Large number of falsified Michigan ballots by poll workers says Sidney Powell, also ‘unambiguous evidence’ Dominion compromised by China and Iran

2022 Campaign 11/27/20, 19:30

Sidney Powell, a leading defense attorney who works closely with Trump campaign attorneys, has hit Michigan with a lawsuit, suggesting to the federal court that due to the huge amount of voter fraud, certification of election results should be blocked, or Michigan’s entire election results should be void. “It is necessary ...

Rudy Giuliani: Media corruption complicit in voter fraud

2022 Campaign 11/19/20, 21:29

Voter fraud was “specifically focused on big cities controlled by Democrats, that have a long history of corruption,” said the president’s lead attorney, Rudy Giuliani, at a legal team press conference on Thursday, Nov. 19. Republicans have reported the election fraud unearthed as President Trump fights to be re-elected and by ...

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