Candace Owens defends rapper Nicki Minaj after criticized for questioning vaccine

Opinion 09/16/21, 19:45

A conservative political commentator threw her support behind a rapper who the White House publicly criticized for vaccine hesitancy. Candace Owens defended Nicki Minaj, after presidential chief medical advisor Anthony Fauci strongly rebuked the celebrity for questioning the experimental Chinese Communist Party virus inoculation. Owens believes the left side of politics and ...

Surgeon Gen. Vivek Murthy fears pandemic will worsen across America

News 07/20/21, 01:52

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus infections are increasing in every state, a highly infectious variation is rapidly spreading, and millions are unvaccinated across the United States. Surgeon Gen. Vivek Murthy expressed alarmed about what lies ahead for the pandemic on July 18. "I am worried about what is to come because ...

White House wants Facebook to harden stance on CCP Virus ‘disinformation’

Washington 07/16/21, 07:02

Facebook should crack down on differences of opinion about the deadly disease, the Biden administration said. The White House complained the internet company should enforce tighter controls on its social media platforms, especially when it comes to debate about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus. President Joe Biden urged Facebook executives to filter ...

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