Chinese scientists caught engineering CCP Virus to appear naturally from bats

News 06/02/21, 02:06

Chinese authorities created the deadly disease and manufactured different versions to make the world think it came from animals, an international study found. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) produced the CCP Virus and different man-made variants, to deliberately mislead everyone about the worldwide pandemic's origins. This is the worrying assessment of ...

Dr. Fauci joined panel with Wuhan lab ‘gain of function’ adviser

News 05/28/21, 16:22

In an exclusive revelation from The National Pulse, Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared at an event with the researcher who is the adviser on the controversial facilities' "gain of function" research. Fauci has previously denied any affiliation between his government agency and the Wuhan Institute of Virology. In 2017, Professor Linda Saif ...

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