Protests continue in Kenosha after several days of chaos and violence

U.S. 08/27/20, 18:49

Protests continue in Kenosha, Wisconsin, although Thursday, Aug. 27, dawned calmly for the first time after a night of peaceful but unruly demonstrations since the police shooting of Jacob Blake over the weekend. According to Reuters, the incident sparked three nights of violent unrest that included dozens of arsons, widespread vandalism, ...

Police agencies refuse to guard Democratic National Convention due to tear gas ban

U.S. 07/29/20, 07:39

More than 100 police agencies have withdrawn from security agreements to guard the Democratic National Convention (DNC) to be held next month in Milwaukee, citing the city’s recent directive banning the use of tear gas in responding to violent riots. According to The Associated Press, Milwaukee’s citizen oversight commission last week ...

Far-left Antifa protesters attack known conservative journalist

U.S. 07/01/19, 04:00

A Portland-area event with right-wing demonstrations and far-left groups counterprotesting escalated to civil disturbances over the weekend, when various people and officers were attacked by alleged far-left Antifa protesters, leaving a journalist with brain hemorrhaging, and needing hospitalization. He shared his ordeal online, soon after. Right-wing demonstrators Proud Boys and the ...

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