35 international experts slam Beijing’s ‘disgraceful’ organ transplant market

D.C. 09/13/21, 03:25

Organ harvesting atrocities in mainland China can impact anyone, international experts have warned. Thirty-five experts, parliamentarians, and witnesses from 19 countries will expose the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP's) industrial-scale butchering to sell human body parts for profit. Billed to be a world-first in medical ethics and human rights in both breadth and ...

CCP should stop killing people for their organs say 117 nongovernment organizations

China 02/15/21, 05:36

An international coalition of nongovernment organizations wants the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to end its forced organ harvesting practices completely. At least 117 organizations have urged the CCP to immediately stop killing people to sell their organs for a significant profit. The headquarters of the Dallas, Texas, Vietnam Democracy Center (VDC) confirmed ...

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