Kamala Harris could be replaced, suggests renowned Fox News host

D.C. 11/18/21, 16:29

Well-known Fox News host Jesse Watters obtained information that Congress is to hold confirmation hearings. However, it doesn't do them for regular candidates, only for those running for Vice President, and he believes it could be about Kamala Harris' replacement.  "Our Capitol Hill Correspondent Chad Pergram tells us he's been hearing ...

America to Kamala Harris: a violent and racist country

U.S. 03/18/21, 13:26

On St. Patrick's Day, Vice President Kamala Harris had three engagements: a bilateral meeting with the prime minister of Ireland, an event celebrating the Frederick Douglass fellowship recipients, and a virtual meeting with the two Northern Ireland leaders. Harris opened the virtual conference by slamming America as a nation of violence ...

Who is the real president?: The doubt that plagues legislators and analysts

Opinion 03/08/21, 09:49

Opinion President Joe Biden, weak and rather submissive, and other inconsistencies of his administration, generate serious doubts about who is really leading the most powerful country in the world, the United States.  Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) raised the question about a possible transition from Biden to Vice President Kamala Harris, moving forward, ...

Kamala Harris displacing Biden: Now in charge of calls to heads of state

U.S. 02/16/21, 15:49

The White House reported that Vice President Kamala Harris made calls to heads of state that should be reserved for President Joe Biden, raising concerns about Biden's possible inability to work.  Harris held a conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron in which they discussed issues of mutual interest, such as the ...

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