The Kyle Rittenhouse case caused many conflicting opinions

U.S. 11/29/21, 00:51

The media and certain politicians displayed perplexing contrasts during and after the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, an 18-year-old white male accused of killing two white men and injuring another.According to PolitiFact, Rittenhouse illegally owned a gun, "The Wisconsin Department of Justice honors concealed carry permits issued in Illinois. But Rittenhouse ...

Brain-damaged model receives $29.5M after allergic reaction to peanut pretzel

U.S. 04/13/21, 17:44

On Friday, April 9, a jury awarded $29.5 million to the family of a model who suffered brain damage after being treated by MedicWest Ambulance for a serious allergic reaction in 2013. The  New York Post reported that Chantel Giacalone bit into a peanut butter-infused pretzel while attending a Las Vegas conference in ...

President Trump :“It was a Rocky Week”

U.S. 08/02/19, 20:01

Rapper A$AP Rocky and two other American suspects were temporarily freed from a Swedish jail and planned to head back to the United States on Friday, Aug. 2, as judges mull over a verdict in the assault case against them. The Stockholm District Court released the 30-year-old rapper, whose real ...

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