President Macron’s vaccine pass gets French parliament’s approval

Europe 01/08/22, 12:40

French parliament has passed President Emmanuel Macron administration plans for a vaccine pass, backing his controversial comments on [expletive] upsetting the unvaccinated people. According to Reuters, Macron told Le Parisien newspaper this week that he wanted to squeeze those who refuse the COVID-19 vaccine out of public places so that they ...

Nearly 700,000 vaccine records found to contain erroneous data

News 08/31/21, 21:08

Authorities are investigating how almost 700,000 vaccination records were changed because they contained incorrect information. The British National Health Service (NHS) confirmed it modified 677,331 vaccine records, and deleted 112,939 entries, for containing duplicate or erroneous data. The Telegraph revealed a South London man failed to acquire a "COVID pass" because his ...

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