US introduces bill to sanction China in case of Taiwan invasion

China 03/05/22, 21:19

On Wednesday, March 2, several U.S. senators proposed a bill to protect Taiwan from China's military threat by using financial sanctions to restrain Beijing's attempt to unify Taiwan by force. Lawmakers said in a statement: "Passing this bill will make clear to General Secretary Xi that if he mimics Putin's invasion, ...

Pompeo visits Taiwan to talk about freedom

China 03/05/22, 21:14

Former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is visiting Taiwan and will participate in events organized by the Vision Foundation: delivering a speech in the morning and attending a press conference in the afternoon on Friday (March 4), local time. During Pompeo's visit, from March 2 to 5, the Vision Foundation ...

China opposes US warship transiting through Taiwan Strait

Insights 03/04/22, 09:08

China has warned that the U.S. will have to pay a heavy price after the U.S. Navy sent a warship through the Taiwan Strait amid the war between Russia and Ukraine. At a regular press conference on March 1, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wen Bin said: “If the US wants ...

Taiwan is more important than Ukraine, US should not be ‘distracted’

Opinion 02/16/22, 20:00

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Elbridge Colby, an expert on China's military security policy, wrote to the Wall Street Journal that U.S. should prioritize Taiwan over Ukraine. He also stated that China should not take the United States' distraction in Ukraine as an opportunity to invade Taiwan. According to the ...

Survey: The majority of Americans want US military to protect Taiwan

China 01/25/22, 13:25

About 58% of the US voters of all parties believe that the Biden administration should use US military power to protect Taiwan against aggression from China. The poll was carried out in mid-January by the Trafalgar group which has headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. This group has accurately predicted the result of ...

Defense experts view Joe Biden’s foreign policy over Taiwan with concern

China 10/21/20, 18:06

If Democrat Joe Biden were elected president, he would undermine the U.S.'s efforts to strengthen Taiwan relations. According to defense experts, his foreign policy strategy would negatively impact the region while creating problems that would support Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Heritage Foundation national security expert James Jay Carafano explained, "China will ...

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