DoD: ‘Rock solid’ support for Taiwan while keeping an eye on China,

China 03/04/22, 16:37

According to a statement issued by the Department of Defense on Tuesday, March 1, Russia and China are attempting to expand their military influence regionally and globally. For example, Moscow has invaded Ukraine, and Beijing is trying to seize control of Taiwan. Mara Karlin, assistant secretary of defense for strategy, plans, ...

China opposes US warship transiting through Taiwan Strait

Insights 03/04/22, 09:08

China has warned that the U.S. will have to pay a heavy price after the U.S. Navy sent a warship through the Taiwan Strait amid the war between Russia and Ukraine. At a regular press conference on March 1, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wen Bin said: “If the US wants ...

Chinese government accused of collecting American DNA for data storage

Insights 02/11/22, 08:33

As Chinese media Da Ji Yuan reported on Feb. 8, the Chinese government is developing the world's largest biological database. In its bid to dominate the economy, the Chinese government is building a vast database of medical, health, and genetic information on people worldwide, including Americans. The Chinese government seeks the help ...

Senators urge Biden to tighten SMIC export controls

China 02/02/22, 16:50

Reuters reports that Bill Hagerty and Tom Cotton said in a letter to Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo that they were "disappointed" because her agency was blocking efforts to tighten export controls on US technology destined for SMIC, which they claim has close ties to the Chinese military. The senators wrote in ...

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