US Army to discharge unvaccinated soldiers soon

U.S. 02/03/22, 07:26

U.S. Army announced that it will start discharging those soldiers who have refused COVID-19 vaccination. Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth issued a directive on Jan. 31, which establishes personnel policies and procedures for unvaccinated individuals seeking accession into the Army and Soldiers who refuse the coronavirus vaccination order. According to the ...

Democratic Rep Ilhan Omar calls President Trump’s pardons ‘disgraceful’

Middle East 12/27/20, 19:06

A controversial Democrat, who openly holds extremist political views, described a presidential act of compassion as an international embarrassment. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) criticized President Donald Trump for pardoning security guards who allegedly opened fire after an Iraqi convoy ambushed them at Nisour Square in Baghdad. Omar criticized Paul Slough, Evan Liberty, ...

President Trump hails US Army as freedom guardians on his birthday

U.S. 06/15/19, 05:15

While receiving wishes from people around the world, President Donald Trump sent best wishes to the U.S. Army, hailing them as the guardians of freedom, as his 73rd birthday coincides with the army’s anniversary day on June 14. “As Commander in Chief, I am pleased to join our grateful Nation in ...

Tough going: Elite service members compete for ‘Best Ranger’

U.S. 04/26/19, 00:06

There's tough, there's Army Ranger tough and then there's the toughest of the tough, the handful named Best Ranger.Earlier this month, 106 elite members of the U.S. military spent 60 grueling hours competing as two-member teams for the Best Ranger title. Sleep-deprived and sometimes soaking wet and loaded down with ...

Pentagon: Missile defense test succeeds in shootdown

Politics 03/25/19, 21:38

In the first test of its kind, the Pentagon on Monday carried out a "salvo" intercept of an unarmed missile soaring over the Pacific, using two interceptor missiles launched from underground silos in southern California. Both interceptors zeroed in on the target — a re-entry vehicle that had been launched 4,000 ...

New Missile Defense Review is a well-considered response to a changing global threat landscape

Opinion 01/17/19, 21:02

Amid reports that Russia is developing new cruise and ballistic missiles—including one that violates the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces treaty—and assessments that North Korea now has a missile that can reach the United States, President Donald Trump visited the Pentagon on Thursday to release a report on America’s preparedness to combat global missile threats, the ...

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