Gassy cows are bad for the planet; could seaweed diet help?

California 09/30/18, 11:07

The smelly reality is that cows will always pass gas. But if farmers had more access to seaweed, cow flatulence might just stink a little less for the planet.That's the thesis of a New England-based aquaculture company which is launching a drive to become the worldwide leader in an emerging ...

Supreme Court Justice Kagan won’t discuss Kavanaugh

California 09/28/18, 01:02

Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan declined to talk Thursday about the confirmation process that could seat Brett Cavanaugh and tip the nation's highest court to a conservative majority."I think given the events of today that's the one question I'm not going to answer," Kagan told law students during an appearance ...

Feds approve importation of pot drug for tremor study

U.S. 09/18/18, 09:31

SAN DIEGO (AP) — In a rare move, the U.S. government has approved the importation of marijuana extracts from Canada for a clinical trial, highlighting a new avenue for American researchers who have long had trouble obtaining the drug for medical studies.

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