Taiwan is more important than Ukraine, US should not be ‘distracted’

Opinion 02/16/22, 20:00

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Elbridge Colby, an expert on China's military security policy, wrote to the Wall Street Journal that U.S. should prioritize Taiwan over Ukraine. He also stated that China should not take the United States' distraction in Ukraine as an opportunity to invade Taiwan. According to the ...

If China invades Taiwan, it ‘can impact nothing, but lose a lot’

China 12/14/21, 01:37

Former Chinese Navy Command lieutenant colonel Yao Cheng said that The Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) army was not powerful enough to invade Taiwan. In a recent interview with "Vision Times," Yao said that all of the CCP's attempts to invade Taiwan are merely a show of strength. At present, the Chinese military ...

The real reasons why China sent its air force to Taiwan

Middle East 10/26/21, 20:04

Recently, Beijing has sent numerous military aircraft—bombers, fighter jets, reconnaissance planes, and anti-submarine aircraft—to fly over Taiwan's air defense identification zone (ADIZ). People's Liberation Army (PLA) aircraft regularly violate Taiwan's ADIZ, but the number is unprecedented this time. And the combination of using these types of aircraft is similar to that ...

China’s more aggressive because it sees a ‘softer’ leader in White House, says former director of national intelligence

D.C. 10/13/21, 22:15

Former director of the Office of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, said that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has become increasingly aggressive, especially with Taiwan, because it sees in the Biden administration a "softer" and "more cooperative" leader than Trump. Ratcliffe, who served as director of national intelligence under Trump, gave an ...

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