US backs Japan over CCP provocations in the East China Sea

U.S. 07/31/20, 18:40

Tensions in the East China Sea escalated this week after a sea area claimed by Japan was occupied by Chinese fishing boats that began operations. United States and Japanese naval forces are joining to address the disputed Senkaku Islands, which are ...

UK road signs indicate that Brexit is imminent

Politics 12/30/19, 10:41

A former adviser to Brexit party leader Nigel Farage warned of signs directing truck drivers crossing between the EU block and the UK to a special lane, suggesting that the French believe Brexit is imminent, reported Express. "They’re finally starting to ...

US communist organization building support for socialism in Mexico

U.S. 10/12/19, 12:54

The most important communist/maoist organization in the United States, Liberation Road, is building support for  a 'socialist revolution' in Mexico. The revolutionary socialist organization based in the United States has recently created the so-called Project of Solidarity with the People of ...

US supports UK through the upheaval of Brexit

U.S. 08/13/19, 15:24

The United States is willing to "enthusiastically" support the United Kingdom once Brexit is complete. In statements to the media last Monday, National Security Adviser John Bolton said the UK could count on Washington in the face of implied expectations ...

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