Chinese regime should shut down nuclear power facility warns co-owner

China 07/23/21, 20:56

A joint nuclear power plant owner in China reported issues with the facility have become too severe to continue operating on July 22. Electricite de France (EDF) confirmed multiple fuel rods were damaged at Taishan Nuclear Power Plant. This forced the operation to temporarily cease work in China's southern Guangdong province. An ...

President Biden reverses Trump-era rule for more showerhead water flow

U.S. 07/18/21, 15:39

Joe Biden is rolling back the previous administration's decision to permit a higher water flow rate from showerheads. The U.S. Department of Energy is returning to a 2013 standard that is touted to still provide plenty of water for a good soak and thorough clean. The department claimed showers providing the extra ...

President Trump claws back $200 million from ‘obsolete’ Obama-era solar project

U.S. 08/02/20, 23:19

A cabinet-level department recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding from an outdated renewable energy development that the previous administration supported. The U.S. Department of Energy has successfully recouped about $200 million from a taxpayer-funded loan for Tonopah Solar Energy's $1 billion Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project, 226 miles ...

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